How to setup your own Account on our platform? - PART 1

You will receive an email invitation to become a Partner.
In the invitation email, you will find the link to 'Setup your account' that will bring you to the registration process. 
1. First, we will ask you to read and agree to our Terms and Condition, and secondly to fill out some necessary information. Please, do it thoroughly as it will help the future transactions between us to run smoother. 
2. After you accepted T&Cs, you will go to the second step of the registration where you will enter your personal details and credentials: name, full phone number and set up your password.
3. Lastly, you need to complete your accounts details with the following information:
- LOGO: Your logo will be visible on our website, for any of your hubs. 
- NAME: This is how your rental business will be publicly identified on the Donkey platform.
- SLUG: The Slug will be the prefix that will form the initial part of all of your BIKE IDs. The slug can only be text. For example, the slug of one partner of us in Barcelona is bici, so that you have bici_01bici_02 and so on.
- PUBLIC DESCRIPTION: A general and short description of your business. It will be visible to users as a quick presentation of our partner.
- CURRENCY: The currency of the country where you are operating.
- CONTACT PERSON: Personal information of the partner. This is who we will call first when we want to contact your company.
In case of any change, you can edit your account information anytime just by clicking on your account profile (1) and then on 'Edit' (2).
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