When should I use Owner App and when the Admin Platform?

The Owner App can be considered as a mediator between the Lock and the Admin platform. The lock is connected to the App via Bluetooth, the App then communicates the data it receives from the lock to our servers through internet connection. This way, all the relevant information about the lock - battery level, location of the lock - are updated in the Admin platform.

That happens every time there is an interaction between any of our two applications, and the lock.

It is important to connect to every lock when visiting the hub. That will help to keep relevant information up to date in our servers and ensure a better service to customers. 

The Owner App is designed to: unlock the locks, track battery level, relocate/ confirmate bike location and manage bike tickets. 

The Admin Platform is designed to: track rentals, create bikes and hubs, manage locks, enable/disable bikes, track support tickets.

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