Key metrics indicators - What do they track?

As your rental activity goes and grows you are able to check and monitor key performance indicators by clicking on 'Dashboard' ​button located in the main menu on the left column. You will have an overview and of your rental business' performances and of all of your open tickets, if any.

Below, a brief description of the key indicators:
  • A - ​Net Revenue Overview - It shows your net revenue is all the money charged over the last 30 days with refunds already subtracted. FYI - This figure is before Donkey Republic commission, Affiliate commissions and VAT.
  • ​B - Battery Status​ - It shows ​an approximate but good overview of the battery status for all the locks assigned to your account. Yellow and red, respectively low and critical battery levels, should always be as few as possible.
  • ​C - Bike Utilization - Overall utilization of the bikes (expressed in percentage) over the last 30 days​
  • D - Rental Days​ - Total rental duration (expressed in days) over the last 30 days and, and the daily average shown next to it.​
    • Expressed in days means that if a customer rent a bike for 2 days, the indicator will increase by 2. Rentals below a day, the are weighted according to the price index so that 2 hours rental add up for 0.5 days, 6 hours for 0.75 days.

Because most of the indicators are computed taking into consideration the last 30 days, new partners should wait up to 30 days to have more reliable KPIs.

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