How do I edit bike information?

Inside the 'Bike' view in the Admin interface, you have an overview of all the bikes registered under your account. For each bike you have a set of 'Actions' buttons.

It is good to know that, if there are ongoing or upcoming rentals that will be affected by your changes, the system will warn you and ask you to take action on such rentals before continuing with any change.




To edit a bike information, click on 'Edit' and you will be able to change its location, hub, bike name and serial number.

Continuing with the action buttons:

1. Enable a bike will make that bike live in the system and customers can book it. If there is no lock attached to the bikes, you need first to take care of that as the system will not enable that bike. You can read more on assigning lock here

2. Report an issue will give you the possibility to open a ticket for that bikes and to disable the bikes if needed. Opening a ticket means that there is a problem with the bike that need to be solved. If the problem clearly affects the rentability of the bike, the bike has also to be disabled until the problem is solved.

3. Move to allows you to move the bike to another hub or to unassigned it from any hub.  

4. Detach the bike from the assigned Donkey lock allows you to detach a bike from its assigned lock, so that for example, you can attach another lock to it.



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