How do I add a new Bike?

To register a new bike, in the Admin platform go in 'Bike' view and then click the 'Add a bike' button located on the top right corner.
First of all, you can read more about the quick create option here 
That being said, in order to successfully register a bike, you need to provide us the following information:

- HUB: Select the Hub where the bike will be placed. In case the Hub is not yet decided, you can leave the bike unassigned to any hub.

- LOCATION: The bike will be placed at the selected hub by default. If you did not select any hub, the bike will also not be determined for the time being.

- BIKE NAME: This is the bike name that users will be able to see in the rental process and what they will look for in the street. It is very important that each Donkey bike has its unique identifier.

- SERIAL NUMBER: We encourage to write the serial number, so it can be reported to the police in case of theft.

- ENABLED?: This attribute is very very important. When a bike is Enabled it means that it is live on our system and can be rented by users. New registered bikes are not enabled upon registration. You must attach a lock (and assign them to a Hub if you did not already), and then enable the bike to make it rentable.

Once you filled all the information, 'Save' the bike and move on to enabled it. No approval from our side is needed for bike registration.





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