How do I add a new Hub?

Login in your Admin account, on the menu on your left click on 'Hubs' and then on the green button 'Add a Hub' placed in the top right corner (2).
Next, you need to provide the following necessary information in order to create a hub:
- ADDRESS: exact location (or as precise as possible) of the hub.
You can either write it or just drop a pin on the interactive map (in this case make sure that the 'Toggle automatic address fetching' feature is flagged). If you go with the latter option, please make sure the automatic address fetching did a good job in fetching the address.

- OPERATIONAL CITY: the city where your Hub is located. 
If you do not find your city amongst the available ones, please inform your account manager or support ( about it.

- PICTURE: a good picture of the bike for users to see. See example below.
As you can see, we ask you a clean picture of the bike standing against an homogenous background. Please, follow our picture guidelines and take a good photo accordingly.

- NAME AND DESCRIPTION: name and description of the Hub.
The name should not be too long and if possible, it should already contain information regarding its location (f.e. Hotel Admiral or Central Station hub). Similarly, the description is what users will read on the website and application in order to find their way to it. Thus it is important to take some time to write short but effective description. The success of getting bikes rented is also in leading your customers to them.
Remember to include keywords/ keyphrases that are effective for search engine optimization (SEO). For example, bike rental and city name (bike rental in copenhagen) or, rent a bike and again city name, or other variation of it.

- PRICING (IN EUR): Price for 24 hours rental 
We ask you to set the price for a 24 hours rental for this hub. The system will automatically set the other prices according to our Pricing guidelines 

- BIKES: specs of the bike model available at the hub.
Please fill this out entirely so customers know what bike they will get. As you know, there has to be only one bike model in a hub, so that bike picture and specs fit all of them
Lastly, we ask you to 'Save and send for Public Approval' or just to 'Save' the hub. 
A: When you send the Hub to approval, it will be review and eventually approved by us, if everything satisfy our requirements. Remember, when you send an hub to approval, it cannot be edited anymore until we either approve or reject it. Read more here about the approval process.
B: Save it for later adjustments or for example, confirmation regarding exact location. Once everything is in place send it for approval. 
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