How often should I do the maintenance on the bikes?

The quality of the service is utterly important. What we do here in Copenhagen on our own fleet is visiting hubs twice a week at least. Normally, most rentals can be expected to occur on the weekends therefore we perform one visit before the weekend (Thursday/ Friday) to ensure the bikes are ready for higher traffic and then one visit after (Monday/ Tuesday) to ensure the good quality of the bikes.

We strongly encourage the Bike owners to do the same and structure the maintenance in details, especially for partners that have high number of bikes.


As shown in the picture below, inside the ticket view it possible to filter for open tickets and search for particular hub. Before visiting the hubs, is therefore recommended to check open tickets so to have all the tools needed to solve the issues. Once the issue is solved, from the Actions menu, you can 'Close' it or 'Close and Enable the bike' (point 3 in the picture).


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