Why riders need to come back to the same hub?

Our system is built this way for a couple of reasons.

  • To enable the booking feature, so people can reserve bikes and be sure it is there for them when they will need it.
  • Moreover, from our research on bicycle sharing systems all over the world, which on average spend 40% of their operational costs on redistributing/ moving bikes around. Moreover, our research show that only about 20-25% of rider need the ability to take a bike from A to B while the remaining 75-80% will do round trips and come back again to A.

That being said, we are also testing, experimenting and implementing solutions that will allow us to provide a more flexible service, where users will have the option to end the rental in more locations.

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    Pedro -C.

    hi Saulius, 
    I get it that the statistics back your decision of forcing riders to come back to same hub... BUT from a business point of view it would be better to have both options available for each bike i list in the platform.... could even charge different rates for the 2 types of rental.

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