Developing and working with Affiliations

Tourism industry and infrastructures cover a really wide spectrum of activities, thus affiliations can be multiple and different in genre - from Airbnb hosts platform to kiosks to parking facilities in central areas.

At Donkey Republic, we focus on developing global affiliations as well as local ones. However, as it is much more easy and effective to develop local affiliations locally, we need partners to focus on local development as they do play a utterly important role in the speed and effectiveness through which affiliations can be built.

In engaging with potential affiliations, many times you can get them to cooperate with us simply by offering a smart bike rental service for their clients at no extra cost for them. Sometimes you might have hard time convincing them to work with us or some affiliates might ask for commissions, in both situations you can offer a cut from the revenue in form of a commission. Usually no more than 10%, unless the collaboration is worth more.

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