How do I unlock the bike with the app ?

We built a smart lock and put it on a bike. It connects to the app via Bluetooth. Once you made a booking, you login to the app then use it to unlock it. 
Check out the animation below!

  1. On the app, tap the rental you made. Here, the bike name is shown. Here is also shown the UNLOCK button.
  2. Use the map in the app to find the bike at the pick up location.
  3. When you reach the pick up location, find the bike. Each bike should have a panel (it is in orange and with our logo) attached to the handlebar (aka the steering bar).
  4. On the right edge of the panel, the bike name is printed in a white area. This bike name on the panel should match the bike name shown on the mobile app.
  5. Once the match is found, this confirms you have found the bike you have booked.
  6. Please notice the lock (a bike ring lock) is on the rear wheel, beneath the saddle.
  7. On the app, tap the rental you made, tap the UNLOCK button.
  8. You should hear the beeping sound from the lock.
  9. Pull the orange knob up to unlock the bike.
  10. It should release and you are good to go !

The lock will only unlock via connecting to the app via Bluetooth. We are unable to unlock the bike from our systems without using that connection.
Get the app here.

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