How my affiliates are getting paid?

When you find affiliates that are willing to work with you, we will provide you with the contract that you need them to sign. According to the contract, unless differently agreed on, they will be paid on a monthly basis.

The affiliate will be paid out first. After the affiliate got its commission, Donkey Republic and the Bike Owner will split 80/20 the remaining amount. See example below where we have 2 affiliates to be paid out.

Example: Rental in Spain. Parties = Rider + Bike Owner + Local Affiliate + Global Affiliate + Donkey Republic:
Gross Rental income (rental price paid by Rider) = 10,00 EUR
VAT = 21% = 1,74 EUR
Net Rental Income (rental less VAT) = 8,26 EUR
10% Local Affiliate fee = 0,83 EUR
10% Global Affiliate fee = 0,83 EUR
Balance = 6,61 EUR
80% Bike Owner income = 5,33 EUR
20% Donkey Republic commission = 1,32 EUR
Total to be received by Bike Owner = 1,74 + 5,29 = 7,02 EUR
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