Can I give discounts to my riders?

Yes you can! There are more ways to give discount to customers, incentivizing them to ride the bikes. You can grant them membership, automated membership or give them discount codes.

1. It is possible to set up membership to grant selected registered user a specific discount, from 1 up to 100%. You cannot do that by yourself, in order to set the memberships up, you need to do to provide us with:

  • the name or better, email addresses of the people for whom you would like to provide the discounts 
  • the hub name where discounts will apply - it is a hub based membership
  • the discount percentage

In order to set up the membership, the customer need to be a registered user.

2. It is possible to set up automated membership. Automated membership works very much like normal membership with the difference that the system will automatically recognize and grant the membership to any user that has a specific email domain. In order to create the memberships, all you need to do is to provide us with:

  • the email domain for which you would like to provide the discounts ( for example, )
  • the hub name where discounts will apply 
  • the discount percentage

3. It is possible to have discount code that you could give directly to customers or distribute to your network of affiliates. In order to create the discount codes, you need to inform and provide us with:

  • the city/ ies where the coupon will be used
  • the duration you would like the code to last
  • the discount percentage
  • the number of possible uses per user - it can be single time use or many times 

Unlike memberships, coupon codes are city-based and can be used in any hub within a city. In city where there are many bike owners, use of coupon codes will affect also their revenue as customers are free to use them on any hub. That is why coupon codes need to be approved by us


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