One of the locks is not responding/ not unlocking. What do I do?

1. First of all check the battery level of the lock. To check the battery level is better to use the Donkey Owner ap, as it always gives you real time value.

You can check the battery level of any also from the Admin platform in the dedicated locks view (see picture below).



However, the platform does not give you a real time value, so you have to check last time that the value was updated. You can see that from the bike view, search for the bike/ lock you want to check and control when it was 'Last Seen' (point 3 in the picture below). That is the last time the battery value was updated.



1.1 If the battery level is the issue being too low, it recharging the battery should be all you need to do. To charge the battery:

  • If your lock has the battery rechargeable by USB micro plug,  make sure you are drawing the power directly from a wall socket or charging it with a powerful Powerbank - or else it might not be sending enough power to the lock. 
  • If you have the newer version of the lock, realized in collaboration with AXA, you can open the case and replace the battery with a charged one, and take the empty one back to the workshop to charge it


2. If the battery is not the issue (or if charging the lock does not solve the issue), then it is better to disable the lock/ bike from the Admin’s platform, and inform us about the malfunction. We will do our best to solve the issue and send you a replacement lock if needed. We will ask you to send us the broken lock back.

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