About the Admin management Platform

The Admin Interface is the management platform we created for Donkey bike owners in order to keep track and manage all the relevant aspects of the business. The platform is constantly improving, making the management of the business easier and easier.

Through the Admin platform, owners can register and manage the bikes, the hubs, the locks, keep track of the rentals, the tickets (technical issues related to the bikes or the service) and much more, as you can see from the picture shown below.

In due time after you placed the order, you will receive the email invitation to setup your account. During the setup you are requested to fill out some necessary information, that  will help future transactions to run smoothly.

Once the account has been created, to login go to www.donkey.bike, in the top right corner click 'Partners' then you need to enter your credentials.


Photo: caption of the Platform's main menu


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