How does the system work?

In collaboration with AXA, we developed an electronic ring lock that communicates with smartphones (IOS and Android) through our Donkey Republic Applications via a Bluetooth low energy connection.

Our system works in a way where each lock is connected to a bike and each bike in connected to a Hub. Hubs are geo-locations registered with coordinates in our system. The Donkey bike owners choose selected locations to be the hubs and then places the bikes there. Other than the actual smart locks, there is no extra hardware needed to set up a Hub.

Once the Donkey bikes are activated and placed at the selected Hub, the bicycles become publicly available 24/7 for anyone to book and ride. For the whole rental duration riders can park and lock anywhere they like, but when the rental runs out Users must bring the Donkey back to the same hub they got it from, and end the rental. 

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