Why do I need to return the bike and end the rental?

Since you can lock and unlock the rental bike as many times as you want, by tapping END RENTAL in the app you let us know that you no longer need it and someone else can now rent it. 

When you tap END RENTAL, the app also sends us the location of the bike, so that we know you returned it to the pick-up location. If you're in a city where you have Flex Drop-off available, there are several different locations where you can drop off the bike and end your rental. 


Where do I leave the bike at the end of my rental? 

How do I return the bike and end my rental?

What if I can't bring the bike back to the pick-up location?

What if I don't have internet connection when I end my rental?

What is Flex Drop-off?

What is Bike relocation fee?





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