How do I return the bike and end my rental?

Before your rental period expires, please bring the rental bike back to its pick-up location - it's shown in the app with a pin on the map. When you tap the Return bike button, you will see the route back to the pick-up location on the map. In some cities, you can add Flex Drop-off to your rental, which enables you to return the bike to alternative drop-off locations available in the app.

Once you're at the right location, lock the bike. Double-check the lock stays closed.

Last step, tap END RENTAL in the app. Now the next rider will be able to find the bike and enjoy the ride!

If you don't have internet connection, no worries, the app tells you simply open the app again when you have access to the internet. Read more here.

If you get an error, please send us an email with the address/map where you left the bike. A screenshot with a pin on Google Maps would help us a lot.



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