I tap the Unlock button but my lock won't open!

Before you tap the unlock button, push down the lock handle once. Done? Now, click UNLOCK in your app again.

If you try to pull up the lock handle at the same time as you're clicking UNLOCK, the lock might get stuck.

After clicking UNLOCK, wait for the lock to beep, then pull up the lock handle. 

If you get an error message after clicking UNLOCK (e.g. "connection error", "timeout"), it could be that you're not next to the right bike or your phone and the lock don't want to talk to each other.

So first make sure you are trying to unlock the bike you actually booked - bike name in the app must match the one on the bike's orange handlebar panel. Then stay next to the bike and try to unlock again. If the error persists, kill the app, turn off Bluetooth and GPS and then turn them on again. Give it a few more trials.

If that did not help, try to move the bike back to the pick location and end the rental. If you are unable to end rental, send a map marking where the bike is parked.

Of course you can always contact us too.



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