How do I rent a vehicle?




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    Bogdan Ghinea

    Hello. Are the bikes exactly like in the picture? It seems that quite a few of them are similar. Also I read about an insurance, do I have to buy separate insurance on top of the price for renting? By the way I was looking at Copenhagen as I'll be there in a few days.

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    Nicola barchi

    I would like to point out that it is not easy to find the subscription, and also it is not possible to subscribe with the app without using facebook

    As memeber of epfl, I needed to find a way to subscribe with the epfl's adress, not with the facebook one

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    Chloe Riyanna Godfrey Forbes

    Agree with Nicola, I only found how to sign up because I wanted to write a comment here agreeing with her.  And magically found a sign up button after clicking 'Sign In'. Ridiculous.

    And ironically now I cannot find a 'sign out'! Or my own profile at all! I suspect after posting this comment I'll have to click my own name. Who knows. Very poorly designed website!

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    Chloe Riyanna Godfrey Forbes

    Still no sign out button and now I realise that signing up here does not sign you up for the app. Where can we do this??

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