How is missing bike case processed for BO ?

When a bike does not have any ongoing rental, the bike should be at the hub.

Once we get the email from BO, we contact the rider for the bike location. That process is described here.

A. How does a BO report a missing bike

Read more here is how to report it if it is not at the hub.

B. Charging a rider for the missing bike fee

We advise BO to allow some time to recover the bike. We send warnings to the rider within 4 weeks.

Read more here.

C. Payment to Bike owner

We make bike cost payment to Bike Owner upon 90 days after a bike is reported missing during a rental. The payment amount is subjected our Terms and Conditions.

The conditions for the rider to be liable for the fee is here.

If we recover the bike more than 90 days after a bike is reported missing, we will invoice EUR 100 to the Bike Owner . 

Effective as of 15 Aug 2017.



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How is missing bike case processed for BO ?

Terms and Conditions

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