How to rent a bike using membership ?

The pick up locations for a specific (automated) membership will only show up on the mobile app once it detected you have logged in with your workplace email address.

To rent a bike when you have not created an account with us yet:

  1. Pick a pick up location nearest to you on the app, even that it is not pick up locations for a specific membership.
  2. Press the location at the bottom card so you will see a Create account link.
  3. Enter the details, including your workplace email address.
  4. Then you will see the Payment page.
  5. Then press the back button at the cancel link (top right on iOS) or the back button on an Android.
  6. On the map, you should now see the pick up locations for a specific membership.
  7. Press the pick up location that you like and proceed to payment to rent a bike.
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