How can I switch to another bike?

We completely understand that you sometimes would like to switch to another bike.
We can always help you with that if there is available bike at the pick up location.

Before unlocking the bike, you can always switch to another bike via our mobile app.

  1. Make sure you have made a booking.
  2. Go to the Rentals page, tap on the bike you wish to make a switch.
  3. When you are there, you should see the map showing the pick up location of the bike.
  4. Swipe the bottom section up.
  5. You should see a list of the bikes that is available for the switch. If there is no bike is available, simply use the Cancel button to get a refund.
  6. Tap the Switch link (on the right edge) on the bike that you would wish to get.
  7. The newly assigned bike ID should show up at the top section under Your bike. 

Darn, you do not see the switch option after you unlock the bike? Read more here


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