How to read your CSV file.

The CSV file shows details of your revenue listed per hub. Each row refers to a specific hub under your account.  From left to right, you have the actual flow of how your final commission are computed, starting from the gross revenue of each hub.

Each column refer to a different parameter, those parameters are:

  • Hub - hubs name
  • City - city of operation of the hub
  • Country Code - ISO 2 digit code
  • Currency
  • Gross Revenue - total revenue from rentals
  • Refunds - in case there has been any cancellation and money refunded to customers
  • Net Revenue - revenue after cancellation
  • VAT Rate - according to the rate of your country of operation
  • VAT Amount 
  • Net Revenue (EXV) - net revenue after refunds and VAT
  • Local Affiliate Name
  • Local Affiliate Commission Rate
  • Local Affiliate Commission (EXV)
  • Global Affiliate Name
  • Global Affiliate Commission Rate
  • Global Affiliate Commission (EXV)
  • Net Revenue (EXVAC) - net revenue after refunds, VAT and local and/or global affiliate commission (if any)
  • Partner Commission Rate - your percentage cut of the revenue
  • Partner Commission (EXVAC) - net revenue going to the partner 
  • Donkey Republic Commission Rate - Donkey percentage cut (typically 20%)
  • Donkey Republic Commission (EXVAC) - net revenue going to Donkey
  • Donkey Finance Commission Rate - applicable only if you took advantage of the finance deal for Donkey bike
  • Donkey Finance Commission (EXVAC) - applicable only if you take advantage of the finance deal for bikes
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