How is a missing bike case processed?


  1. All riders must accept our Terms and conditions on the payment page when making a booking. Else payment is not permitted. This is used as an indicator that the rider accepts the terms of the bike rental service and all its fees. 
  2. We get a report that a bike is missing/stolen. This can be reported by our bike owner or a rider.
  3. We then check the systems if the following had happened before we proceed to process the case (continue on point 5).
    • a) the rider did not end the rental on the mobile app
    • b) the rider have ended the rental away from the original pick up location.
  4. If the above shown that a rental has been ended rental with bike lock connection and GPS location, we will not process the case with the rider. We will then contact our bike owner to handle the bike cost.
  5. Scenario A
    • a) In the event that our bike owner reported the missing bike, we emailed the rider for the last parked location. The rider has 3 days to reply with a map marking the location. Else we will proceed to charge the rider's credit card.
    • b) Once we receive the last parked location from the rider, we will proceed to use some time to recover the bike. When it is recovered, we will charge a relocation fee. Read more on relocation fees here
  6. Scenario B
    • a) In the event that a rider reports a bike is stolen, we will proceed to use some time to recover the bike. 
  7. In both scenario A and B, with the help from our bike owner, we allow for 4 weeks to recover the bike. From past data, there is a high chance that we will recover the missing bike during this period.
  8. During this period, the rider will receive at least 3 email alerts that we will be charging the credit for the missing bike fees.

Bike Recovery

If we recover the bike within 12 months after the missing bike fees is charged, we will refund the charges to the rider.

Missing bike fees

  Missing bike fees / bike (EUR)
No insurance offered 250 
  With insurance purchased  No insurance purchased
Bike theft insurance offered  30  300



How much does insurance cost?

Relocation fees


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