Bike theft insurance costs

The following are the prices per bike, per day, according to the country/currency.       

Country/Zones Price
Australia 3 AUD
Great Britain 2 GBP
Denmark 15 DKK
Euro zone  2 EUR
India 150 INR
New Zealand 3 NZD
Sweden 20 SEK
United States of America  2 USD

When a bike is stolen during a rental that has theft insurance added, you only need to cover 30 EUR for the replacement of the bike (instead of 300 EUR).

Bike theft insurance can only be added during the booking process via our mobile app. Once a booking is made, bike theft insurance can no longer be added to a booking.*

Read more about bike theft insurance in our Terms & Conditions (Chapter 9).

*Available as of 4 May 2017.



What if the bike gets stolen during my rental period?

Processing of missing bike




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