I am in front of a bike. What can I actually do with the Owner app?

So you logged in into the Owner app and selected the bike you need to operate - in this example would be Donkey_156 as shown in the picture below.


What you can do is:

- See the bike location as reported in the map section.

- A: You can use this button to unlock/ lock the lock. You can read more about it here 

- B: This allow you to relocate the bike location to the current location of your smartphone. Thus, when relocating bike location, stay as close as possible to the bike and afterwards, double check on the map that the location is correct. Read more here 

- C: Create a ticket to report any issue related to this bike with the option to also disable the bike if needed. You can read more about ticket here

- D: Check and update the battery level of the lock attached to that bike. The battery level you see at the bottom might be outdated and so slightly different than actual level.

- In the bottom part of the screen you can also see if there is any open ticket related to that bike, what is the lock ID attached to the bike.





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