How do I create a ticket through the Owner app?

You have two option to create a ticket from the Owner ap.

1. You can create it directly from inside the bike page. Press Create (1) and you will be sent to a dedicated page to open the ticket for that bike. For a ticket to be effective please:

A. Select the right issue type choosing from the drop down menu
B. Decide if the bike need to be disabled or not and then select or deselect accordingly. By default, the disable function is set on On.
C. Include a well crafted description of the issue, adding relevant information that otherwise might be lost.



2. You can create a ticket from the Ticket menu. Instead of going into a specific bike page, you need to:

1. After you log in, at the bottom of the app select TICKETS  
2. You can choose to see open or closed tickets, select OPEN 
3. To create a new ticket, press the + button standing in the top right corner
As seen before, you can now create a ticket. The only difference is that this time you need to select a bike from a drop down menu.



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