How do I track a refund?

When a payment is made, you should see a transaction (a charging transaction) that states it is a payment to Donkey Republic.
Then if we make a refund to you, the refund on your statement should appear as "DONKEYREPUBLIC.COM" or as "Currency Cloud".
The amount, however should match the booking you made with us.
However sometimes a bank may process the refund as a reversal. This means that instead of showing a credit on the your bank statement the original charging transaction is removed. Our Payment Card Vendor also confirms this is a possible scenario where you no longer see it.
The refund should reach your account in 5 to 10 days.

If you have further questions please also share a screenshot of your bank statement so that we can help you further. 


How can I cancel my rental and get a refund via the app?


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